Veneta-Fernridge Chamber of Commerce

Veneta-Fernridge Chamber of Commerce
24949 Highway 126
City / State / Zip
Veneta, OR 97487

The Fern Ridge area is a collection of communities including; Alvadore, Crow, Elmira, Lorane, Noti, Triangle Lake Veneta and Walton. There is a tremendous power in harnessing the business and organizational resources of a community. Through the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce, businesses and organizations are working together -- intentionally and intelligently. As the overall business and community climate improves, each business benefits. Each organization, church, and school benefits. Each resident benefits. A rising business tide does not discriminate. All boats float as a result.

Chamber Mission: The Fern Ridge Chamber of commerce is organized to connect commerce and community support agencies while promoting and coordinating efforts in commerce to create and maintain a healthy business climate that enriches the lives of those in the community.


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