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Ways to Support Eugene/Springfield Businesses During the Pandemic

Small businesses help give the Eugene/Springfield area its unique flavor. In addition to quality goods and services, they provide employment opportunities that fuel the local economy. Due to restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, small businesses need the support of their communities more than ever. Working together to curb…

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Mazama Sporting Goods

Mazama Sporting Goods was founded in 1972 as a partnership between a couple of guys, one of which owned the Mazama Timber company. Mount Mazama is in Oregon. Most of us know of it from the huge crater that was left when it erupted and collapsed in on itself, forming Crater Lake. Mount Mazama was…

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Welcome to the Talk of the Town!

After more than a decade in publication as Oregon Resource Guide, we’ve realized that our featured businesses have become part of our community’s everyday conversations. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our name change from Oregon Resource Guide to Talk of the Town; the businesses that we feature truly are the “talk of the town”.

Our name change occurred largely due to the exemplary businesses that we feature. We simply allow quality businesses to showcase their remarkable attributes on a larger platform; after that, the quality of each business speaks for itself. We’re grateful to our clients for allowing us to showcase such exceptional products and services; it’s because of you that you’ve become the talk of the town!