“I honestly don’t even know where to begin by saying how great of a woman Sally is. She really is The Talk of the Town and has a heart of gold to back it up and she seems to know everyone. When it comes to marketing and promotion I have never met a more dedicated and truly family oriented person to do the job. Sally will help you build your dreams and will also make your dream part of hers. I would recommend The Talk of the Town to anybody looking to get their name out there with someone who actually cares about your goals. Thank you for all you do Sally!!!”

– Jesse Kindler

“I started in this business in February of 1976, in which time I’ve managed 3 major corporations. I met Sally in 2006 when I ventured out to build my own company Ask The Bug Man, for myself and 2 sons. My first year I had 25 monthly accounts and some 1 time customers. Since meeting Sally with the Talk of the Town, I now have 8 trucks and over 6,000 customers.
I met Sally at one of her parties, and found her to be very instrumental introducing me to other business owners and a high class of residential clients. She not only promotes my business, but introduces me to many potential clients both commercial and residential. At her annual (thank you) event for her clients that she does every year, there is usually 100 plus advertisers that attend, and is fully catered and over the top extravagance in entertainment and games. These events alone have given me the opportunity to meet other successful businesses and make many new friends. Thank you Sally for all you do.”

– S. David Ottovich – Associate Certified Entomologist | Owner / Operator – Ask The Bug Man | 541-729-8629

“Sally is an absolute pleasure. Not only is she very professional, personable and efficient to work with, her marketing instincts are invaluable. Unlike a lot of advertising, her Talk of the Town consistently brings verifiable results: Every time a patron walks into the Wine Room carrying one of her Guides we see our advertising dollars at work. The Talk of the Town Guide will always be an important part of Territorial Vineyard’s marketing program.”

– Alan Mitchell: Territorial Vineyards – 541-684-9463

“Sally – I wanted to take a moment to praise you for the work you do. The price was impossible to beat for the amount of coverage that the guide provides. I have received phone calls and job opportunities directly attributed to you and the The Talk of The Town. You truly are an important voice for my business. Thank You so much.”

– Aaron Shoemaker Construction

“Sally is energetic, personable, creative and highly motivated not to mention her high integrity. I highly recommend her for all your advertising needs.”

– Affinity Painting

“Sally of The Talk of The Town approached me in 2006 through the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce with a new publication, The Talk of The Town. As a small business owner for many years, I’m regularly approached by pushy advertising sales reps with lofty promises and incomprehensible contracts. Sally, on the other hand, made me feel at ease with her no non-sense presentation and easy to understand payment terms.

Being in the service industry for thirty years, I have found that reaching out to newcomers and local residents in the community is not always an easy task. I am happy to report an increase in my clientel as a direct result of advertising in the The Talk of The Town and highly recommend Sally to anyone seeing the same.”

– Avalon Window Cleaning

“Sally is very client focused, providing excellent service and expertise as well as timely production and great value. Working with The Talk of The Town will be a boon to your organization as her excellent team creates a valuable marketing tool for you within the The Talk of The Town. There are not many people out there who remember how to take care of customers and exceed expectations; Sally is a leader in that space. Do yourself a favor and have her in for a consult.”

– IN Corvallis Magazine

“I have experienced steady, profitable growth in my agency the past 8 years, and the The Talk of The Town is a key component in my advertising strategy.”

– Dave Zech – State Farm

“Sally is extremely knowledgeable of the product/options of our service provided. Sally is friendly, polite and went out of her way to make advertising possible for us by accepting a portion of our bill in trade for vouchers of service. The Resource Guide is a fantastic way of reaching out to potential clients and we look forward to sticking with The Talk of The Town in the future.”

– TNT Rafting

“Sally knows literally everyone. Sure, you can run an ad in one of her guides and thousands of people will see it, but the real magic is having Sally out there talking you up to everyone she meets. Joining the Talk of the Town family and running an ad in the most recent guide has been one of the best things for my business.”

– Kuhn Design Group – Steve Kuhn