New Team Page

  • Tom Malone
    Tom MaloneChief Editor
    Tom earned a degree in Journalism from University of Oregon and a master’s degree from University of Portland. He is the author of travel novels like Across Americana, writes for various international publications, and teaches secondary history and English.
  • Tamberly Powell
    Tamberly PowellEditor
    Tamberly received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and her Master’s from Oregon State University. Happily married to Dustin, a fire captain with Eugene Springfield Fire, she is the mother of two wonderful daughters, Ashley and Kennedy. A registered dietitian, she teaches nutrition...
  • JJ Walker
    JJ WalkerArt Director
    JJ is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who has spent a lifetime immersed in multiple mediums of the fine and digital arts. As owner-operator of Pioneering Design, JJ continues to refine his craft.
  • Michael Garcia
    Michael GarciaArtistic Animation Director
    Cartoonist, Jazz Musician, Professional Caricature Artist and Traditional Animator are just a few of the many skills Michael Garcia has acquired during his 14 year run as a visual artist. Even as a college student at California State University, Fullerton, Michael still works hard to...
  • Christian Borza
    Christian BorzaDesigner
    Christian Borza is a Digital Arts and Cinema Studies double-major at the University of Oregon. While he specializes in digital illustration and design, he has also worked in several traditional mediums since childhood.
  • Jennifer James
    Jennifer JamesPhotography
    Jennifer loves to create images that connect customers with businesses. With a background in magazine publishing, she has been producing imagery since the mid-1990s — capturing world travel, album covers, portraits and sporting events. At her Studio Sura, Jennifer specializes in business head shots that...
  • Karl Reindel
    Karl ReindelMultimedia
    I am a trained Multimedia Specialist.  My interest in media and graphic art is a lifelong pursuit. Some of my education is formal, as I earned my degree, some is informal.  Many lessons I learn, on my own, through experience and research, as I seek...
  • Century Seven
    Century SevenWeb Development
    Century Seven is a close-knit group of six designers that develops websites — and the various media that make them so effective — here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Century Seven creates sites and apps that are easy to use and splendid to look at....