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Hyperbaric Therapy

Cat Redinbo, owner of New Leaf Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric Therapies have been utilized worldwide for decades. In many countries it is a primary treatment for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, Inflammation, Improved Athleticism, Autism, Arthritis, T.B.I., and Multiple Sclerosis. Hyperbarics have also been used to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging. Many people appreciate the boost of energy and clarity that often accompanies better oxygenation.

How does Hyperbaric Therapy work?

Simply stated, oxygen in the body will dissolve into plasma when put under enough pressure, allowing the body to take in more oxygen. More oxygen = more fuel for the cells of the body.

Red blood cells have a limitation as to how much oxygen can bind with hemoglobin. The plasma portion of the blood typically has about a 3% oxygen concentration. By placing someone in a 3 psi pressure hyperbaric environment, the increase in atmospheric pressure at sea level goes from 760 mm Hg to 915 mm Hg. This increase in gas pressure increases the partial pressure of the oxygen gas and thus forces more oxygen to be dissolved in the plasma. This saturation of oxygen in the blood that occurs due to the hyperbaric therapy, allows the extra oxygen to be diffused or transported to the surrounding body tissues. Thus, oxygen transport by plasma is significantly increased under this specialized treatment. At three atmospheres pressure, enough oxygen can be dissolved in the plasma to support the oxygen demands of the body at rest in the absence of hemoglobin.

HBOT is designed to boost the supply of oxygen to ischemic tissue or to diseased tissues that respond to increased oxygen levels. Increasing the volume of oxygen dissolved in the blood plasma, that is brought about by HBOT treatment, produces five basic effects:

• Reduction of volume of gas bubbles in the blood
• Vasoconstriction, which reduces edema and secondary hypoxia
• Restoration of aerobic metabolism to ischemic tissue
• Detoxification of poisoned tissues
• Enhanced phagocytosis

Many people using hyperbarics oxygen therapy have experienced amazing results from this non-invasive, relaxing therapy. Athletes have seen increased stamina and achievements. Families dealing with ADD &/or Autism have found better communication, energy and focus. People struggling with Multiple Sclerosis, Crone's Disease, and Neuropathy have reported improved mobility, strength, and clarity. Numerous clients dealing with chronic issues such as Fibromyalgia say that mild hyperbaric therapy has given them their lives back.

There is no limit to what this therapy may help, because it is not treating any specific condition. Rather, it is giving your very cells the fuel to do their job in the best possible way. Water, oxygen, healthy food, rest & movement are the building blocks to a healthy body. We are all meant to be whole and healthy. When given the proper tools, the human body can heal, build and thrive!

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