Author: Blake Henning

Emerald Fruit and Produce

21 Mar Between Farm and Table

Ever wonder how local restaurants are able to buy the freshest ingredients, or how farms supply their produce all over the state? Many farms, restaurants, grocery stores and other companies use produce suppliers to work between farms and stores. The only produce supplier in the...

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Eugene Wine Cellars

30 Aug Tasting Rooms: Eugene Wine Cellars

The dimly lit interior of Eugene Wine Cellars’ tasting room creates a laid-back feel. Beverly Beighl, co-owner and tasting room manager, said that people like the low-key atmosphere that Eugene Wine Cellars provides. The tasting room seems to be somewhat eclectic, with a variety of...

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Capitello Wines

23 Aug Tasting Rooms: Capitello Wines

Capitello Wines sits on the edge of comfort and curiosity. Ray Walsh, the owner of Capitello Wines, said that he was going for a modern rustic look for the tasting room. As you enter the tasting room, you’re met with a medium-sized wine bar that’s...

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