Mission Statement

The mission of Talk of the Town is to provide a “high quality” advertising, public relations, and marketing experience designed to meet each of our client’s unique objectives by building long-term relationships based on trust. We strive to cultivate a family-style atmosphere among our clients and we aim to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our clients’ missions through valuable customer service. We place our clients first because when they succeed, we all succeed.

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Our Team

The Talk of the Town Team

Sally Johnson-Santamouro

Owner & Publisher

Sally has been involved in marketing and design for over 30 years. She devotes her time and talents to connecting her advertisers with new clients. As the owner and founder of The Talk of the Town, Sally has earned a reputation for driving business through her clients’ doors. Additionally, Sally operates her own design company, Amazing Design. She stages homes and commercial properties, provides design-coaching services, and facilitates holiday decoration for residential and commercial venues. Sally has cultivated her skill and passion through incredible experiences. For the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Sally designed a sports bar that spanned an entire block, hosting political figures, federal agents, coaches, and athletes from around the world. Sally hosted VIP dignitaries during a two-week event for Rail Tex, a railroad company out of Texas. She created Santa’s Village, featuring over 200 trees, gingerbread houses, carolers, and Santa. She’s hosted meet-and-greets for political figures, fundraisers for various clients, employee celebrations for large companies, and town holiday festivities. Sally has three children and six grandchildren.

Tom Malone

Chief Editor

Tom earned a degree in Journalism from University of Oregon and a master’s degree from University of Portland. He is the author of travel novels like Across Americana, writes for various international publications, and teaches secondary history and English.

Tamberly Powell


Tamberly received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and her Master’s from Oregon State University. Happily married to Dustin, a fire captain with Eugene Springfield Fire, she is the mother of two wonderful daughters, Ashley and Kennedy. A registered dietitian, she teaches nutrition at Lane Community College.

Jennifer James


Jennifer loves to create images that connect customers with businesses. With a background in magazine publishing, she has been producing imagery since the mid-1990s — capturing world travel, album covers, portraits and sporting events. At her Studio Sura, Jennifer specializes in business head shots that project confidence and approachability. Her many interests make her flexible in the way she approaches her work.

Alex Crippen

Visual Creative

Alex at Crippen Design has been helping small businesses create sophisticated, elegant designs and products for over 10 years. Since starting her first photography company in 2009, Alex has expanded her skillset to include graphic design, web development, social media management, apparel printing, and decal production

Century Seven

Web Development

Century Seven is a close-knit group of six designers that develops websites — and the various media that make them so effective — here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Century Seven creates sites and apps that are easy to use and splendid to look at. “With a team of passionate and dedicated designers, we can ensure our values of hard work, dedication and integrity are reflected in every project we take on. Together we can create amazing products.”