Mission Statement

The mission of Talk of the Town is to provide a “high quality” advertising, public relations, and marketing experience designed to meet each of our client’s unique objectives by building long-term relationships based on trust. We strive to cultivate a family-style atmosphere among our clients and we aim to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our clients’ missions through valuable customer service. We place our clients first because when they succeed, we all succeed.

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Our Team

The Talk of the Town Team

Sally Johnson-Santamouro

Owner & Publisher

Sally has been involved in marketing and advertising for the past 25 years. She devotes her time and talents to publishing quality resources. She continues to promote her advertisers through the Guide, the web and social media. As owner and founder of The Talk of the Town, she is the driving force and inspiration behind the exceptional quality of each printed book. Sally has 3 children and 6 grandchildren, ranging from 22 – 10.

Tom Malone

Chief Editor

Tom earned a degree in Journalism from University of Oregon and a master’s degree from University of Portland. He is the author of travel novels like Across Americana, writes for various international publications, and teaches secondary history and English.

Tamberly Powell


Tamberly received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and her Master’s from Oregon State University. Happily married to Dustin, a fire captain with Eugene Springfield Fire, she is the mother of two wonderful daughters, Ashley and Kennedy. A registered dietitian, she teaches nutrition at Lane Community College.

JJ Walker

Art Director

JJ is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who has spent a lifetime immersed in multiple mediums of the fine and digital arts. As owner-operator of Pioneering Design, JJ continues to refine his craft.

Michael Garcia

Artistic Animation Director

Cartoonist, Jazz Musician, Professional Caricature Artist and Traditional Animator are just a few of the many skills Michael Garcia has acquired during his 14 year run as a visual artist. Even as a college student at California State University, Fullerton, Michael still works hard to grow in his creative fields.

Christian Borza


Christian Borza is a Digital Arts and Cinema Studies double-major at the University of Oregon. While he specializes in digital illustration and design, he has also worked in several traditional mediums since childhood.

Jennifer James


Jennifer loves to create images that connect customers with businesses. With a background in magazine publishing, she has been producing imagery since the mid-1990s — capturing world travel, album covers, portraits and sporting events. At her Studio Sura, Jennifer specializes in business head shots that project confidence and approachability. Her many interests make her flexible in the way she approaches her work.

Karl Reindel


I am a trained Multimedia Specialist.  My interest in media and graphic art is a lifelong pursuit. Some of my education is formal, as I earned my degree, some is informal.  Many lessons I learn, on my own, through experience and research, as I seek out the many opportunities, pursuing topics that are of special interest to me. Being a visual person, I have always loved movies. From an early age I was interested in how some of my favorite movies were made, both animated and non-animated. Some of my childhood heroes have include Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, Gene Roddenberry, and of course George Lucas.

Enjoying most aspects of the art, especially animation, photography, video and audio, I am versed in film, darkroom, and digital mediums. My specialty is commercial photography, especially photographing architecture and food.  I also enjoy wedding photography, as well as fine arts photography.  Another one of my specialties is making commercial vignette promotional videos.   My digital interests include, but are not limited to web design and animation, in addition to film and digital photography.

Please visit my website at www.karlreindel.com , where you will find a collection of my various media projects, both complete and in progress; a portfolio gallery. My journey in the world of multimedia arts is journaled here, as I develop my work.  I hope you enjoy visiting me here as my work develops. Comments (of the constructive nature) are always welcomed and strongly considered.

Century Seven

Web Development

Century Seven is a close-knit group of six designers that develops websites — and the various media that make them so effective — here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Century Seven creates sites and apps that are easy to use and splendid to look at. “With a team of passionate and dedicated designers, we can ensure our values of hard work, dedication and integrity are reflected in every project we take on. Together we can create amazing products.”