Kono Ice

Aloha! Jeremy and Leuretta will be going into our third Season with Kona Ice! We are having so much fun in our community with our small business! Jeremy and Leuretta are both originally from the small coastal town of Newport where they both found pride in being involved with the community. Leuretta and Jeremy became friends in Middle school. Years later, Leuretta and Josh; Jeremy’s brother would marry. Jeremy’s passion in early years were in organized sports and that passion stayed with him throughout college and adult life. Jeremy studied criminal justice and not too long after actively being in the field he discovered being a police officer was not his forever career. Leuretta’s passion was in education and after college she directed her skills to work in early education and developing a program that promoted the newest scientific based research with the highest quality of developmentally appropriate practice. She loved integrating a all inclusive program that was diverse and served members of the community from all walks of life. After 12 years working with the Early educators of Lane county, Leuretta took a Summer off to devote time to solely being a mom to her son, Spencer. During that period. Jeremy was at a friends BBQ and was spoiled with a Shave Ice from a franchise out of Albany. Jeremy loved the concept and proposed the idea to Leuretta, and I guess you could say the rest is history. Our love for people and being social was a sure tell sign that we would at the very least have a blast being first time business owners. As of now, we are a family run business but hope to expand in the future. Leuretta and Jeremy strive to set a standard for living a balanced life that continues to give back in all the ways we know how.

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