Century Seven – Willamette Valley’s Digital Craftsmen

Century Seven is a small design agency — a close knit group of six designers — developing web sites, and all the various media that make them so effective, here in the beautiful Willamette Valley. We create sites and apps that are elegant and intuitive.

We provide web design and app development, search engine optimization (SEO), as well as graphic design, copywriting, and post-production audio and video work.

Century Seven began with a group of designers that wanted to contribute to the web through creativity. By building close and caring relationships with our clients, we put people first, creating designs and content that reflect each client’s vision and speak persuasively to their audience.

With a team of passionate and dedicated designers, we can insure our values of hard work, dedication, and integrity are reflected in every project we work on. We know that a small and passionate team of designers can create amazing products.

Responsive Web Design gives you an eye-catching and professional web presence. No matter what device your site is being viewed on, it will always look perfect. Our designs are modern, sleek, and intuitively crafted. Our designers insure your website is as functional as it is elegant. Providing a memorable first impression is key to captivating your visitors. Century Seven insures your message is clear and effective, by having all of the design skills you’ll need in-house.

We Develop in HTML5 & CSS3 – the ubiquitous platform for the web. Whether you need a website optimized for mobile users, or an enterprise class site with specific business needs. HTML5 provides a rock solid foundation for all types of web development.

Web design is about more than just arranging graphics and text in HTML. It’s about how you want to communicate your message to your intended audience. By utilizing semantic markup all of our code validates with the W3C. This insures there are no barriers to search engines locating and properly indexing your site.

Developing a Search Engine Optimization Strategy and implementing the tactics into a workable plan is essential for success online. You need SEO experts that have both the skills to research your competition effectively and the knowledge to turn that research into a productive strategy. Here at Century Seven our SEO Experts have extensive knowledge and experience designing effective and honest SEO strategies that produce lasting results.

Please contact us @ 503-779-6329, if you have a project in mind or would just like to chat.

On The Web: https://centuryseven.com/

Contact Info / Form: https://centuryseven.com/contact/

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