As You Like It Pleasure Shop

As You Like It is a woman-owned, boutique-style pleasure shop where visitors can find gifts, lingerie, and other must-haves for bridal showers, honeymoons, or just for fun. The shop prides itself on inclusivity and education, making sure that every shopper feels welcome.

“Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make sure you feel comfortable, whether you’re shopping with your bachelors and bachelorettes, your future spouse, or on your own,” they write.

As You Like It focuses on the health of their customers, and they provide only eco-friendly products. Shoppers with allergies, sensitivities, and special needs find their questions answered and their needs met.

“We are an eco-conscious and body-safe pleasure shop,” As You Like It writes. “We’ve done our homework, and we only carry entirely nontoxic products made of safe materials.”

The shop’s owner, Kim Marks, brings her incredible journey to the welcoming nature of the shop itself. With over 20 years of environmental and social justice activism, Marks ensures that everyone is welcome.

“We are here for everybody and every body,” she writes. “No matter who you are, you are welcome here.”

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  1. This store was my favorite before I got a job there. Now I am honored to be a part of Kim’s vision. I have learned so much working with Kim at As You Like It. The work we do in promoting sexual health is so important.


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