Joseph Vera, The Floral Architect

“My name is Joseph Vera and I am a Floral Architect”

I grew up with the love of floral and design. Years of working with flowers and plants have led me down the path of becoming Joseph Vera, the Floral Architect. After going to Art School for Design, I worked with a main wholesale house in the country. Starting from the bottom, I learned how to process the flowers and then began learning and teaching up to 300 people at a time how to design.

I have worked from coast to coast and have received many awards for my designs. My most notable job was working on the Las Vegas strip for one of the best entertainment resorts with my designs still being used to this day.

The difference between me and every other floral retail shop is that I truly pride myself on making flowers accentuate the event they are tended for. Every event I have ever done has been truly one of a kind, never to be replicated again.

I pull all of my designs from the wonderful world in which we live. I have trained my mind to think outside of the box to create unique designs you would have never thought of. What really sets me apart from other designers is the way I pay attention to the small but lasting details.

Joseph Vera Floral Architect
Centrepieces for the 2019 Pommard Pinot Noir Vertical Tasting at Bennett Vineyards & Wine Co.

One of the top floral designers in the world left me with this comment:

“There are designers that work out of a book and somebody could choose a design out of the book and replicate it; then there is me, the person who makes the book.”

Joseph Vera Floral Architect

I moved to Eugene in 2017. My family is one of the most important aspects of my life which is why I decided to make the move. Since coming to Eugene, I have been able to create and participate in some amazing events. I look forward to doing much more, making a small but lasting mark here.

Thank you for reading my story,

Joseph L Vera, Floral Architect

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  1. Sweetness Joseph!! Pretty incredible the talent and gifts that you have been truly blessed with! I am so glad that our 2 separate paths in this beautiful world has brought us to cross into each other’s lanes of LIFE! Thank you for what you did for my Father and I send many more blessings to be found for you to enjoy on this Heaven we call EARTH… Sincerely Roxy

    • We will show this to Joseph. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a reply! We’re sure Joseph will be thrilled to hear this great comment.


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