Going Mad at the Mad Batters Cake Shop

The Mad Batters is a cake shop located in Eugene, Oregon that creates edible magic! Kandy, the owner of Mad Batters, started her laboratory/bakery as a way to turn a joyful hobby into a successful business.

“I started doing cupcakes as a hobby for dance recitals and friends,” Kandy writes. “When people I didn’t know started calling me [to make their cupcakes], I thought maybe I should take a giant leap of faith.”

It worked. The Mad Batters creates fun and unique designs out of delicious baked goods. Specializing in cupcakes, brownies, cakes, cookies, cake shots, and full cakes; the Mad Batters focuses on both design and taste.

Kandy and her husband at the Haunted Evening hosted by the Talk of the Town. 2018.

With designs ranging from ornate floral topography to famous cartoon characters and adorable bunnies, each Mad Batters design evokes amazement.

These products aren’t simply art; they’re also delicious. Mad Batters produces classic flavors (like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet), along with fun combinations (like Spumoni, S’mores, and Neapolitan).

“I am constantly playing with my recipes and trying new things,” Kandy writes.

Some of these experiments have resulted in non-traditional baked goods that have become wildly popular, like Protein Bars. Kandy originally created these gluten-free, nutritious bars for her daughter to power through high school athletics. Now, other health-conscious foodies flock to Mad Batters to taste these bars.

Photo by Roman Studios

Mad Batters Cake Shop embraces the concept of true nutrition, using real ingredients in their made-from-scratch recipes. Kandy has even created amazing gluten-free flour through this mindset.

“I love food, real food,” Kandy writes. “If I’m going to eat a treat, I don’t want it made with anything I wouldn’t put in my own body, so I have passed that on to you!”

Get your dessert on Mad Batters schedule! Call Kandy to order your special treats.

Trick or Treat with Mad Batters during the Halloween season.
MAd Batters Cake SHop