Talk of the Town Publisher Intro: 2019

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Talk of the Town! After more than a decade in publication as Oregon Resource Guide, we’ve realized that our featured businesses have become part of our community’s everyday conversations. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our name change from Oregon Resource Guide to Talk of the Town; the businesses that we feature truly are the “talk of the town”.

Our name change occurred largely due to the exemplary businesses that we feature. We simply allow quality businesses to showcase their remarkable attributes on a larger platform; after that, the quality of each business speaks for itself. We’re grateful to our clients for allowing us to showcase such exceptional products and services; it’s because of you that you’ve become the talk of the town!

This name change also came from our feature section of our website: Talk of the Town. This section has grown in popularity since we created it two years ago. It features in-depth articles about individual businesses as a way for potential customers to feel connected with the business’ atmosphere and ambiance in a more personal way.

We’ve experienced increasing success through other digital channels as well. Our client-featured social media posts allow locals, newcomers, and visitors to connect with the incredible businesses that we feel so proud to represent. We’ve seen an exponential increase in social media traffic, placing our featured businesses into the community conversations of new audiences.

Aside from our exciting Talk of the Town focus, we’ve seen more client success through our other guidebooks and our Event and Wedding Guide. Each new guide places our quality clients in front of new audiences, which creates even more conversation about business resources in our community.

As we continue to expand the reach of our guidebooks and digital presence, we look forward to our continued relationships with our clients, who we feel honored to represent. We utilize all of our advertisers personally, and we would never recommend an Oregon resource that we don’t already trust ourselves.

Find your complimentary copy of Talk of the Town at select shops, hotels, chambers and the gift shop at the Eugene Airport. If you would like to order your free copy of Talk of the Town, please visit or give us a call at 541-335-1912.

And, as always, Adventure On!


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