Tasting Rooms: Hayworth Estate Wines

Word is spreading of a new winery in the Willamette Valley. Hayworth Estate Wines isn’t open to the public yet, but they will be in the near future. The rural tasting room is still in the works, but owners Russ and Keely Hayworth have big visions for their winery. Renovated from an old barn, Hayworth Estate Wines wanted to keep a country feel to their tasting room.

“The big rough slab that’s been finished for a bar top, the corrugated metal, wood trim; it’s very rustic and barn-esque,” said Russ.

Much of the room is made to emphasize the rich dark wood. The bar top itself is made of black walnut. Dark wooden stools line the bar. Wine racks sit near the wall to eventually be used for display. Behind the bar, a small garage door window provides access to the bar from the outside patio.

The outdoor area is currently gravel with patio chairs set around circular tables. Russ said that they still need to do some landscaping to make the patio fit their vision for the winery. Though technically unfinished, the patio has a beautiful view of the mountains, which can also be seen on Hayworth Estate Wines’ logo. The tasting room is located right next to Hayworth Estate Wines’ several acres of grapes.

Hayworth Estate Wines isn’t open yet, but Russ and Keely have lots of vineyard experience. Russ said that he originally planted grapes in 2006 as a hobby, then let the grapes grow for six years before harvesting them with the help of J. Scott Cellars. The Haymaker was the result of Russ and Keely’s first batch of wine in 2012. Since then, they have come out with several other wines.

The up-and-coming winery is located north of Coburg, a little ways off of Interstate-5. Hayworth Estate Wines currently does private events and was the official wine supplier for the Oregon Jamboree. Their wines aren’t being sold commercially yet, but they are available through Hayworth Estate Wines official website: www.HayworthEstateWines.com. That being said, Russ made it clear that wine is just the end goal; he wants to educate people about the culture and process of winemaking.

“You don’t hear about it a lot, but it’s not just about sitting at a bar drinking wine or tasting wine. That’s all good, that’s kind of the end deal, but it’s really the agritourism. The agriculture that goes into putting something in a bottle,” Russ said. “Me as a farmer kind of guy, that’s something we want to build into our brand. Sharing not just our wine, but how we get to that point, from the vineyard.”

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