Tasting Rooms: Territorial Vineyards and Wine Company

Territorial Vineyards and Wine Company embodies the ideals of many local Eugenians. The tasting room is fun, inviting and casual. Alan Mitchell, co-owner of Territorial, said “Here is more of a wine bar. People come here to socialize, hang out.”

Located in the Whiteaker District, Territorial embraces the bohemian style of the area’s people and atmosphere. The red and black exterior of the building is decorated with an abstract mural of shapes and bubbles. The interior window frames match the red outside, but accent the yellow walls and green ceiling. The unusual color combination goes together surprisingly well and even compliments the art and rugs in the tasting room.

The art on the walls have more texture than ordinary paintings. Mitchell said the paintings are made by his brother, who uses bathroom caulk and acrylic paint on canvas. The results are original pieces of art that provide character to the room.  Large rugs are sprawled across the floor, filling the middle of the room. The bar sits to the right of the room as you enter. Tall chairs are situated at the bar while shorter chairs and tables are situated by the windows around the room. In the corners, well-kempt leather couches surround tables and give a bit more privacy than the rest of the room.

Territorial is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and it is known for having live bands play every Thursday and Friday night. They have a list of their upcoming bands and events on their website: TerritorialVineyards.com.

Founded in 2001, Alan and April Mitchell, and Jeff and Victoria Wilson-Charles went into business together and bought out the vacant building where Territorial’s tasting room now stands. Together, they completely renovated the building into the social tasting room that’s there today. The building is also used to bottle and store wine that Territorial makes. Their large storage room is also used for large private and public events.

“The vibe is just that it’s a really cool place to hang out. It’s a cool room, it’s in a cool neighborhood, the music is cool and so if you’re here, you’re cool too,” Mitchell laughed.

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