Tasting Rooms: Eugene Wine Cellars

The dimly lit interior of Eugene Wine Cellars’ tasting room creates a laid-back feel. Beverly Beighl, co-owner and tasting room manager, said that people like the low-key atmosphere that Eugene Wine Cellars provides. The tasting room seems to be somewhat eclectic, with a variety of artistic styles and colors. Most of the paintings around the room are abstract and many come from local artists. Tables and chairs of different colors and sizes are arranged around the room.

The tasting room layout is changing all the time, Beighl said.

Currently, the wine bar is set to the left of the room as you walk in. A list of their wines are framed and placed on the countertop of the bar. Eugene Wine Cellars also has beer on tap, and a list of available beers hang behind the bar on a chalkboard.

A door next to the bar leads to a bottling room that’s stacked high with barrels of wine. Beighl said that they use this room for large private events, bottling, and wine storage. When weather permits, they open the garage doors and have events outside in their parking lot. About once a month, Eugene Wine Cellars hosts “Paint Parties,” where they bring in an artist and everyone paints the same image with the artist.

Overall, Eugene Wine Cellars feels like a small, quieter winery where people can come to relax and enjoy themselves.

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