Tasting Rooms: Capitello Wines

Capitello Wines sits on the edge of comfort and curiosity. Ray Walsh, the owner of Capitello Wines, said that he was going for a modern rustic look for the tasting room. As you enter the tasting room, you’re met with a medium-sized wine bar that’s accented by a wood frame and dark metal countertop. Above the bar, lights are built into an overhang that leads down the back wall into a beautiful display of wines. Along the walls hang artwork, some of which come from Walsh’s personal collection, while others are showcased by artists. A couple black stools sit up at the bar, while other tables and chairs hug the outskirts of the room. The floor is finished with a light wood and is covered by rugs that give off an at-home comfort feel. To the left of the bar is an open set of double doors that lead to a smaller room highlighted by a couch and a small coffee table. Large windows let natural light fill the entirety of the tasting room.

In the back, a larger storage room surrounded by barrels of wine can be converted into an event room for larger public and private events. On the first Friday of each month, Capitello Wines hosts the #instaballet, an interactive ballet that gets the audience involved.

Walsh values the knowledge of wine that he and his employees have and he wants to make people feel comfortable with their tasting experience at Capitello Wines.

“Wine can be very intimidating,” Walsh said. “When you walk into some of these flashy tasting rooms, people who are unfamiliar with wine can be very easily intimidated by all that, so we really try to make them comfortable, we try and make it a fun experience, a learning experience. Not just about our wines, but wines in general.”

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