Celeste Watch Company Crafts Local Handmade Watches

More of a luxury than a utility, watches have been surpassed by phones for the convenience of telling time, but watches tell more than just time. A watch reflects the style of the wearer, and can become a point of interest in a way that no other accessory can. Watches are popularized by brand, design, functionality, comfort, and quality; all aspects that make each watch unique. Celeste Watch Company distinctively creates watches with all of these features in mind. From the movements to the cases, designs to the bands, Celeste Wong crafts beautiful handmade watches.

An engineer by training, Wong was always fascinated by watches. Her interest eventually piqued nine years ago when Wong started teaching herself how to construct watches.

“I started going to Goodwill and buying these big vases full of watches,” Wong said. “I bought every single vase of watches I could find, until I had three to 400 watches.”

Wong said that every evening she would take apart watches and try to put them back together. She read books on watchmaking and accumulated watchmaking tools. Eventually, Wong decided that she wanted to make her own watches and opened Celeste Watch Company in Springfield, Oregon. Wong designed a case with sapphire crystals, ordered movements from Switzerland, and started building her own dials.

“With a watch, if anything within it is just a millimeter off, it won’t work right. They’re super precise, so everything had to be made for this application,” Wong said.

Wong specializes in the use of abalone shells in her watch designs. Wong explained that she has fond memories of barbequing on the beach while her father would dive for abalone, and that influenced her decision to make the shell a key part of her watches. The shell gives off a brilliant gleam, and can be dyed to be a multitude of different colors. The different shell colors complement Wong’s many watch designs.

Wong’s hand-stitched watch bands are just as unique as the abalone shell she uses.

“The watch straps here are very special, in that they are vegetable tanned goat leather. It’s a super high quality leather. It’s strong and durable yet soft. It’s highly flexible. It molds right to your wrist. It’s a very luxury band,” Wong said.

The best part is that that Celeste Watch Company’s watches are entirely customizable, so your watch is exclusively your own. There are multiple case sizes available, a variety of colored abalone shell, different types of wood to accent the shell, and several bands and thread colors. Wong said that she even does custom designs upon request.
Watches reflect the style of the wearer, but Celeste Watch Company can create a watch that is irreplaceable. If you’re looking for a high quality, stylish, and comfortable watch, Celeste Watch Company will proudly build your unique watch.

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