Patrick Olsen Auto Repair: More Than An Auto Repair Shop

A woman in her mid-70s is driving south on Interstate 5 to see her daughter, who’s been hospitalized in California, when suddenly her car overheats and breaks down. She calls to get the vehicle towed to Patrick Olsen Auto Repair. Now the woman doesn’t know what to do with the car, where to store it, or how to get to her daughter. Patrick Olsen said “don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.” He proceeds to help the woman charge her phone, order bus tickets, and take her down to the Greyhound station. Olsen said that this situation happened just the day before.

“I want to treat people like they’re family,” Olsen said. “Like, if my grandma was somewhere, broke down… and didn’t know anybody, I’d like somebody to step up and help my grandma out.”

Olsen prides himself in going above and beyond the expectations of regular automotive technicians by providing exceptional customer service and expert automotive maintenance skills. Olsen explained how customer service in the auto industry isn’t focused on taking care of people anymore, but that’s what gives him satisfaction in his work.

“Here at the shop, I try to treat everybody with respect and I try to help people out as much as I can,” Olsen said.

As a certified automotive technician for over 19 years, Olsen has experience working in both local repair shops and large corporate stores. Olsen worked at a large auto company for over a decade before deciding to open his own shop two years ago.

“I didn’t feel ethically like they were doing the right thing all the time, so I didn’t want my name on that,” Olsen said. “I don’t believe in that.”

What brings people to Patrick Olsen Auto Repair is the shop’s reputation and Olsen’s honesty. Olsen said that he loves to support local businesses and also gives senior, military, and student discounts. Olsen understands that cars are large investments and that people don’t have the money for shops to guess what’s wrong with their car.

“If I can’t guarantee it, I’m not going to charge you,” Olsen said. “If I’m like, ok you need spark plugs to fix your misfire, and then I figure out it’s a valve, I’m not going to charge you for the spark plugs.”

Olsen also knows how much people rely on their vehicles and that having a car in the shop can be an inconvenience. That’s why he said that he can usually get someone’s car back to them within a day, as long as parts are available.

Patrick Olsen Auto Repair is family owned and operated. Olsen co-owns the shop with his wife and has his brother and son-in-law working with him.

In the future Olsen would like to open a new, larger shop, but with the same values as his current one.

“I always believe that I service people, I don’t service their car,” Olsen said.

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